things to do in forest city, iowa November 28 2012, 0 Comments

This is a sign that's on the mantle in the dining room at the Mansion Museum in
Forest City. "Vær så god" means "you're welcome" or "be my guest."

I have gotten several telephone calls from folks wanting to stop by and visit my store, the most recent of which was this Thanksgiving weekend from someone visiting the area from Wisconsin. Someday, I plan to have a brick-and-mortar shop and restaurant, but right now, all my inventory is in a "virtual" store online. I'm out and about locally, attending events where I sell my products and food, and I'm happy to cut shipping costs for customers who can pick up their purchases or if they're close enough for me to make deliveries.

Even so, if you're in the area, we have lots of great things to do in Forest City.

We have one of the Top 10 quilt shops in the country: The Quilted Forest.

We have some of the best homemade pies you'll ever try: Sally's Restaurant, 133 N. Clark St., 641-585-3400.

We have a fabulous coffee shop (where vær så god's own Norwegian-blend coffee is made): Cabin Coffee Co.

We have a cool ice-cream shop: Scoopy Doos.

We have a vineyard: Mt. Valley Vineyard & Winery.

We have a brand-new library for folks doing family history and genealogical research: Leibrand-Whiteis Historical Center at the Mansion Museum, 336 N. Clark St., 641-585-2092.

We have lots of other great places to eat, shop and stay. Check them out at the city's website: Forest City Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.

So if you're in the area to pick up an order, stick around Forest City for a while!