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We eat potato balls almost every Sunday for dinner. They're called potato balls where my husband comes from in Norway, near Molde. They're also known as kumla or klubb. Some people love them. Others hate them. My kids all say this is their favorite meal, so I guess you could say we love them.


8 or 9 potatoes, peeled and grated

You really have to watch someone do this. Here’s some more information from Norwegian National Recipes:

“Grate or grind potatoes and flour and salt. The exact amount of flour depends on the water content of the potatoes and is impossible to specify. … Too much flour will make the potato balls dry and hard, too little flour will make them sticky or ‘kleimete.’”

Form mixture into balls and drop in water. Cook with sausage, carrots and rutabaga for 45 minutes. Serve with bacon on the side and milk to drink.

Note: These make wonderful leftovers, too! Slice up the potato balls and fry them -- with anything else left over -- in butter and serve. Then you'll get to try and decide which way you like best.

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