gløgg warms you up for the holidays November 08 2012, 0 Comments


Gløgg is a spiced wine drink that is popular during the holidays in Norway. Many countries have their own version of gløgg. In Germany, it's called glühwein. In Sweden and Iceland, it's called glögg. It's glögi in Estonia and Finland. It's a special drink that's served warm in many places around the world. The holiday drink is especially festive after an afternoon of sledding or snowman-building. It fills the house with the warm, spicy goodness of the season. I like to add red wine and apple cider to my recipe for gløgg.

I have two kinds of gløgg mix available -- both made in Sweden -- with a combination of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. They're both very similar in taste. The main difference is that they're made by different companies. You can learn more about them here and here.